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You’re not musician – Portable lambasts Goya Menor

by Daudu John

You’re not musician – Portable lambasts Goya Menor

Popular Street-hop artiste Portable has struck a blow on his colleague, Goya Menor, over condescending remarks about him in an interview.
Portable slammed Goya Menor for assuming himself a musician, bombarding the latter with questions to validate his achievement in the music scene.

In an interview with Hip TV Goya said Portable was nothing compared to him when asked to address the issue between them and he stated he had none with the latter. But suggested Portable had issues with himself and went on to analyse their case using the elephant and dog illustration.

“I don’t have an issue with him. I think he has an issue with himself. You understand me now. This question was asked last week and the reply I gave was, “The situation is like an elephant doing his thing. And you see one dog barking, hu hu hu!!’” Check the comparison, the elephant knows that with just one hit, this dog is dead. So, is no need to pay attention. The elephant just keeps moving, doing his own thing. And that’s the situation”, said the Edo-born rapper.

In his clap back video, the self-styled ‘wahala’ musician berated Goya Menor over his ‘You cannot compare Portable to me’ remark.

He consistently made jest of the hype while laughing sarcastically in between as he threw multiple questions meant to ‘scorn’ Goya Menor.

The self-titled ‘Baboo’ said: “EIS! Wait!! Dem dey call musicians, you dey comot? You? How many hits you sing? Goya Amenor, abi kino pe iya e no (or what do they call your mother?) How many shows you go? How many endorsements dem give am?

“E say, ‘You cannot compare Portable to me’. Who? You dey whine Jesus? O tu fe whine Muhammad no mo (you also now want to whine Muhammad too?)”

“Please how much music you sing? Please, talk! Goya Amenor abi ki no pe e? (or what are you called?) How many hits did you drop? Where you don travel go? How many? How many shows you post? How many endorsements do you collect? How many motor did you buy? How many hits?

He laughs sarcastically and continues, “I drop hits, back to back. Zazu! Who no know Zazu? I’m a baboon, Zazu!!!

“You blow reach me? Dem carry award give you. People wey give you award sef dem come dey regret say dem give you award,“ he continues to laugh hysterically.”

Born Goya Menor Bright, the fast-rising artiste won the “Best Street Hop Award” at the 2022 Headies alongside Nektunez with the song, “Ameno Amapiano, a category that had six nominees including the Portable.

It is assumed whatever resentment Portable exhibited towards Goya Menor is a result of the latter clinching the award which in his opinion should have come to Olamide, Poco Lee, and himself for their ‘Zazoo Zehh’ collaboration.


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