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Why State Police Is Not An Option-President Buhari

by Salami Azeez

President Muhammadu Buhari has explained why he believes that state police was not a good option for curbing insecurity in Nigeria.

He made the remarks in an interview with newsmen.

Recall that on May 12, governors under the platform of Southern Nigeria Governors Forum demanded the creation of state police, review of revenue formula in favour of sub-nationals and true federalism.

Nigeria’s current policing system is controlled by the Federal Government.

President Buhari said there was a greater propensity for governors to abuse their powers with the creation of state police.

He said, “State police is not an option.

“Find out the relationship between local government and the governors. Are the third tier of government getting what they are supposed to get constitutionally? 

“Are they getting it? Let the people in local government tell you the truth, the fight between local governments and the governor.”

Commenting on the security situation in the country, the President said traditional rulers must play a huge role in bringing peace to communities.

He also advocated for more dialogue in solving the farmer-herder clashes recorded across the country.

“The role of traditional rulers must not be undermined because in their areas they know who is who, even by families, not to even talk of individuals.

“So, we have to revert to that system for us to have effective security in the localities.

“For example, there were two governors that came to see me about problems – Oyo State and one other state – because the herders were in their forests but the animals were going into the neighbouring farms and eating the crops. I said, as far as I know, the farmers and herders have been co-existing in Nigeria for generations. 

“Let them go and ask the local leadership what has gone wrong, why the break in communication between the local leadership and the herders,” Buhari added.

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