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Tinubu certificate saga: 107 APC Non-serving Senators Brake Silence

by Daudu John

Tinubu certificate saga: 107 APC Non-serving Senators Brake Silence

We, the 107 APC Non-Serving Senators group wish to address the current situation facing our esteemed President,Distinguished Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR,with the utmost respect for due process and the principles of justice.

We are aware of the current unfounded allegations surrounding President Tinubu’s credentials,which have sparked public discourse and in some cases,public outrage.

We believe it is essential to emphasize the need for caution and a commitment to the rule of law during this period.

President Tinubu has been a dedicated leader serving our nation with distinction and integrity for many years.The allegations being fueled by the opposition are a matter before the court of law,and we trust in the judicial process to address these claims fairly and impartially.

It is not uncommon for world leaders or prominent figures to face challenges and allegations during their careers.History has shown us that allegations,when thoroughly examined,often reveal the truth or innocence of those who serve with honor.We draw inspiration from leaders around the world who faced adversity but emerge with their integrity intact. We cite some examples of leaders who faced similar trials:

1: The former U S President Barack Obama,during his tenure faced unfounded allegations questioning his place of birth and citizenship,notably referred to as the “ birther “ controversy.We draw important lessons from President Obama’s response to this challenge.

Despite the baseless nature of the allegations,President Obama remained steadfast in his dedication to governing the United States.

2: Narendra Modi-The Prime Minister of India faced allegations related to his educational qualifications during his tenure.His focus remained on governance,and his commitment to India’s development.

These examples from around the world illustrate that challenges and allegations are not uncommon in the lives of leaders,particularly during moments of responsibility.They also demonstrate the power of truth,the strength of character,and the resilience of leadership.We believe President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will do the same.

We,therefore call upon the public to exercise patience and allow the legal process to run its course.Let us refrain from making hasty judgments and spreading negative comments on social media,which can be detrimental to the functioning of our government and the unity of our nation.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu remains committed to the betterment of Nigeria and its citizens.We believe in his leadership,his dedication to our nation’s progress,and his unwavering determination to overcome any challenges that may arise.

In times of adversity,we must remember that leadership is often tested,our nation’s strength lies in unity and the pursuit of justice.We stand firmly behind President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR and urge all Nigerians to do the same,as we trust that the truth will ultimately prevail.

May wisdom and unity guide us through these testing times.


Senator Basheer Lado CON
( Convener,Chairman Pro tem)

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