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Noollywood pretty faced actress, Nkem Ike who got her breakthrough in the movie, ‘Reflection”   a couple of years ago before adding up over thirty movies to her name and an award before going off the radar. In this exclusive online interview with Odu Black, Nkem Ike, spoke about why she left her 2022 birthday and Plans giving out fifty to one lucky fan as well as her plans for the future

You have been out of circulation in Nigeria for a while, were have you been?

Yeah, I have been out of circulation for a while. Losing my dad and sister with the space of one year was too much pain for me. Stepping into being a mother and father to my siblings was all I needed but we are doing good and God has been faithful.

What have you missed so far about Nollywood?

I went through a lot, I had to log out of social media for my sanity. Returning back to social media, someone sent me a message that my best friend kicked the bucket. I couldn’t understand the scenario, I spoke to her, she wasn’t sick, and it couldn’t be true. That’s was the only friend I can tell anything. We communicate more with our eyes to mouth. She can’t leave me knowing what I was passing through then. Nkechi and my sister were my backbones. Nkechi was like a mum to me since my mum died though we are age mates. May their souls keep resting in peace?

Watching from afar how will you judge the industry’s growth?

The industry is growing tremendously. My second is that artist fees should be increased.

You are a taekwondo act how has that affected the description that you are harsh?

I am not a harsh person and taekwondo has nothing to do with one’s personality. Taekwando is just a craft.

You called yourself an actress by accident, how will you describe your journey so far?

I didn’t call by myself an actress by an accident. I act but I have not done that for a very long while but I am returning back soon. I just started a YouTube channel “Nkem Ike”. I want to start creating content, produce movies by God’s grace

You are going to be a year older in a few days what has age thought you?

Age is just a number. I think what I went through in life taught me lessons, built me up and made me stronger and a better person. 

You are a pretty being that multiple man will die for who is the man that has your heart and when will wedding bells ring for you?

Privacy is very paramount to me. That is not on social media doesn’t mean I am single. 

What are your big plans in the movie industry?

Honestly, by God’s willing, I will like to produce blockbuster movies.

Your pal Anita Joseph got married a few years ago we will like your opinion on the marriage?

Anita didn’t just get married; she is 2 years in and forever in. I don’t have an opinion in it. Marriage is for husband and wife. The Bible says a man should leave his family and cling unto his wife and they shall become one. Did you see people’s opinions in there? Lol. She is happy and in love, period.

You best director that you have worked with and the director you can’t wait to work with

My best director is Andy Amenechi and he is the one that discovered that I can act. That is it

The best actress you have worked with and which one can’t you wait to work with

Funke Akindele. I worked with her in a movie produced by Great movie production. I have done like 2 to 3 jobs with her. I can’t wait to work with her again. She is so funny and easy to work with.

What future plans do you have in your career?

I want to be a producer of good movies aside acting.

A final word for your fans

I thank all my fans for still loving and supporting my brand , not minding my long absence from acting . That why my team wants to give 50k to one fan on the 29th April. No money can give me the kind of love y’all showed me. I promised that my comeback will be greater . I love you all

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