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On BET Africa’s Isono, Sarah & Vorster team up to destroy Mother Mary

by Salami Azeez

This August, BET Africa (DStv channel 129, GOtv Channel 21) is thrilled to expand the riveting storyline, and welcomes back seasoned South African actor Jack Devnarain. He returns to the suspenseful ISONO on a quest of revenge to get even with AB (Senzo Radebe) and sees a lucrative opportunity to go for Vorster’s business. Earlier on in the season, Jack Devnarain entered the original daily drama portraying the character of a prisoner named Hashmi, an eloquent gangster masquerading as a high-class businessman, and in upcoming episodes the seasoned actor emerges and is ready to destroy Vosloo’s matriarchy, Mother Mary played by lead Nthati Moshesh.  

This week on ISONO, Hashmi is out of prison and Mother’s Mary’s biggest enemy, Sarah (Moshidi Motshegwa) sees an opportunity to team up with the new Vorster to formulate a plan to take Mother Mary down. Everyone is shocked to hear that someone is going around supplying drugs to the neighbourhood and claiming to be Vorster. Mr Big Cop, Siviwe goes on an investigation and tries to get to the bottom of all the rumours. However, Mary doesn’t want him to get too close to the truth and tries by all means to stop his investigation. Gabriel finds himself in the middle of this case and tries to crack it himself, unaware of what is coming his way.

Mary is falling for Kgosi and ignores her lover Siviwe. She continues to pursue her fantasy and invites him over for “old-time-sake”. The morning after their passionate night together, Kgosi tells Mary that they are not meant to be together. He says he is leaving and has already said his goodbyes to his daughter, Esther. At that moment, Siviwe walks in and realizes that Mary has been cheating on him.

Makwande finds out that Esther is back to her old drug ways and tries to be a supportive friend, not realizing that this will only lead him down a rabbit hole where he is forced to confront his feelings for her. Esther lures him in, things start to get rocky between him and Zoleka when his ego gets in the way at work, pushing him away from her and into Esther’s bed.

Millicent brings her black girl magic and gets a great job opportunity that is going to bring in money for her family. She organizes this massive event at Solicious which impresses the sponsors. But, Khaya takes the credit for everything and puts Millicent down in front of the sponsors.

To catch more on the story of LOVE, PAIN AND BETRAYAL and the best in storytelling, be sure to tune in to BET Africa’s Daily Drama, ISONO, Monday to Thursday on BET Africa (DStv Channel 129, GOtv Channel 21) at 20:30 WAT/21:30 CAT and repeats at 17:00 WAT/18:00 CAT where dark secrets lead to deadly sin.

For more information on BET Africa’s original daily drama visit www.betafrica.tv, like and chat to us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BETinAfrica, or join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram @BET_Africa using the hashtag #ISONOBET #BETAFRICAORIGINAL

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