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Man narrates ordeal in the hands of LASTMA officials

by Salami Azeez

Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) officials have been accused by a Nigerian Dubai-based businessman, Jude Eze of stealing his N150,000 and absconding with his wife who almost bled to death during an arrest.

Eze in an interview with Punchng made the allegation as he narrates his ordeal in the hands of the LASTMA officials.

He said; “My wife was not sick before we left the house, but when we got to Egbeda, she started complaining of waist pain.”

“As I was driving from Egbeda to Akowonjo, her complaint got intense and by the time we got to Sweet Sensation before the traffic light at Akowonjo, she wouldn’t let me drive again because blood was coming out from her body; so, I drove into the Sweet Sensation premises, so that she could clean herself up inside their toilet.”

“When she came out, I drove towards the traffic light at Akowonjo and it turned red; so, I waited for the traffic light to turn green and while I was waiting, two policemen and two LASTMA personnel came over to where I was; one of the LASTMA officials started recording my car, and the other one used an iron rod to block my tyres.”

“I asked them what the problem was and they said that my wife was not using a seat belt; I explained to them that she was bleeding and in discomfort and had to remove it. The officers flared up and said I should not tell them anything about blood since they were not doctors.”

“Before I knew it, they started harassing me and searching my car. I had an envelope that contained N10,000 and another one that contained N150,000. My passport and driving licence were in the vehicle and they took them away. While we were there, I told them that my wife was dying, because she was still bleeding, but they turned a deaf ear to my pleas.”

“While I was still pleading with them to take the calls of the people I called, one of them entered my car and zoomed off with my wife; so, I started chasing to see if I could meet them, but I noticed that the guy had turned to the other side and I crossed to the side block the car, but the LASTMA official drove back to where the other members of the team were and I started begging one of them, who appeared elderly, but all my pleas were ignored.”

“My wife kept calling me on the phone that she was dying and asking where I was; I told her that we couldn’t move and they were not willing to leave the driver so, I pleaded with them to allow me to go and save my wife; so, they drove towards the LASTMA office at PWD, but a Siena vehicle hit their bus from the rear and they stopped to arrest the driver.”

“The elderly one among them said I ought to pay N35,000, but I should pay N10,000 and I told him to call the one driving my car that I was coming and would give him N10,000. I asked him about my documents, but he said he could only release my wife and car to me and that I would have to come to their office on Monday to know how much I would pay to get the documents.”

“So I quickly went to meet my wife and drove her to hospital; by the time I got there, she was gasping for breath. When we got to the hospital, the doctor was mad at me and asked where I was when I noticed that my wife was bleeding. He said she had lost so much blood; my wife was admitted and given blood transfusion and other treatment.”

“The N150,000 that was inside the envelope disappeared; they took the money with my documents. I want justice; I have been in shock, because I thought my wife would die; those officials gave me the intimidation of my life and if they are allowed to go scot free, who knows how many people they will do similar things to.”

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