Monday, November 28, 2022

Long live gate keeper of music in Nigeria – Baba Esho

Managing Director of Evergreen Musical Company Limited, Bimbo Esho who is the daughter of Babafemi Esho celebrates her Dad, Baba Esho, on his birthday.

Gazing effortlessly at this picture brings torrent of thoughts that becloud my memory.

Hummmmm !!! Melo la fe ka ninu eyin adepele? Shey Na when Baba dey take risk travelling from Ilesha to Ibadan to Lagos with Lawrence Omole Cocoa Vehicle at age 16 to watch, dine and buy the music of all the Big Highlife Bands in Lagos and Ibadan Ni abi na when Baba keep late night recording many of the songs of these great Superstars.

Any time my mind dey wander and fear dey grip me with the humongous task ahead I am always comforted with a powerful song by Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey .

The song From Generation to Generation Ni Ile Aye from my own interpretation tells the story of passing responsibility from one Generation to the Next.

For Baba Esho to have made a big success from his calling he made discipline, focus, determination, humility, simplicity, loyalty, hardwork and high level of intergrity his watchword .

For us a day like this is always an opportunity to appreciate him for his selfless contribution to the preservation of a countrys musical heritage that could have gone into Oblivion if not for his foresightedness that made him keep many of todays musical relics since the age of 12.

Yes Yes it is Baba Esho’s Birthday.

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