Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Lady Who Accused Portable ‘Zazu Zeh’ of Being Her Babydaddy Denies Claims

After calling out fast-rising singer, Portable for allegedly fathering her child, a lady identified as Abike has retracted her claims.

In a new video, the lady apologized to the singer and everyone who believed her initial claims, adding that it was all a joke that she didn’t know would go viral.

Abike who revealed she was an undergraduate student, stated that contrary to her initial claims, she is not a prostitute and that the baby belonged to a friend, adding that she has ‘never been pregnant’.

 “It is false and untrue. I have never met Portable in my entire life. We’ve never had anything together. I have never been into prostitution. I have never given birth – I have never been pregnant in my entire life. I am an undergraduate so I am not a nursing mother. The baby is a child of my friend and while we were joking, I decided to make that video. I didn’t know it would go viral. I apologise to everyone I’ve misled into believing that I had a baby for Portable. Singer Portable, I am so sorry

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