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Lady of Africa hosts adire street culture carnival revolution

by Salami Azeez

Africa’s most talked about event the adire street culture carnival finally gets a date for 25th ‘ 26th ‘ 27th December to 1st ‘ 2nd of January 2022 in Lagos According to press release from the management of the lady of Africa foundation the organizers of the annual event’ this year Adire street culture carnival will take place at five different zones in Lagos’ venue ‘’ Lagos lnland ‘lkeja ‘Badagry , Ikorodu,
Epe ‘ ; a period majority of Nigerians will be home on holidays with their families.

As a fall-out of the Adire street culture carnival revolution the organizers plan to raise twenty five thousand new adire makers and marketers annually as part of our contribution to the growth of the Small and medium scale industry in Nigeria.

Yearly millions of people around the globe attend the Nottinghill carnival in the United Kingdom’ and we believe that Like that popular carnival’ Adire street culture carnival will be a good opportunity to showcase our traditional wares’ art and crafts’ thereby promoting our culture too.’

The Lagos home of Arts and culture and as usual the five days all family events’ will start as early as 9 am on all of the five festival days in December to second of January 2022’ Princess Oluwabukola Fasuyi’ The National coordinator of the Lady of Africa foundation proudly declared that when it comes to Fashion and textile industry in Africa. Nigeria occupies a pride of place.

As a country globally recognized for her rich culture and diverse tradition ‘ our country Nigeria boast of an incredible array of fashion choices and fabrics. Notable amongst these fabrics is the Adire’ which has found favor amongst people all over the continent of Africa and as far Europe America. Canada and Asia.

The fashion industry has also continue to grow by the day with more and more people coming into Adire production and bring in various innovations As a way of promoting the very thriving fashion and garment industry. which by the way will also be doubling as promotion for Nigerians culture and tradition’ Lady of Africa foundation in conjunction with Proclips Media Communication Limited has Embarked on a mission to take the highly appreciated fabrics to and entirely different level through exhibitions and Carnivals she added that invitation is open to all to experience the beauty and richness of the African culture which will be abundantly on display on these special days including traditional cuisine emu—fun fun (Africa palm wine), Eran-lgbe(bush meat) Ayo-olopon (traditional boad game) an so on.

The foundation will also in the coming year be taking this Adire promotion to Major cities in south west ‘West Africa’ South Africa’ Europe Canada and America’ to satisfy the craving of lovers of Adire fabrics in those part of the world.

The Lady of Africa foundation hopes to Empower up to fifty thousand Nigeria women and youth through its various activities Already. Lots of people in the country, privileged and less privileged have been empowered through direct and indirect job opportunities creation by the foundation through its various promotion and marketing of fabrics. The foundation, she said, is also seizing the opportunity to call for support from culture loving people‘ hip hop Artists’ corporates organization’ federal and state government and parastatals to ensure that this year’s event becomes a big success. The dress code for the carnival remains the popular Nigeria indigo attire Adire.

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