Sunday, December 4, 2022

King Sunny Ade agrees to meet a woman claiming to be his daughter after hearing FIJ’s story.

Sunday Adeniyi, popularly known as King Sunny Ade (KSA), a veteran musician, has agreed to meet Elizabeth Ayeni, a 52-year-old Osun State resident, who claims to be his daughter.

Donald Ajibola, the musician’s lawyer, told FIJ that he contacted Adeniyi to set up a meeting with Ayeni and the musician said he would meet her when he had some free time.

Speaking with FIJ on Monday, Ajibola said, “I contacted Ayeni some days back and told her that I had spoken with Sunny Ade. What I told her was that I spoke with him and he agreed to meet her.

“The only thing is that he is too busy and cannot meet her now. It was even difficult for me to meet him. When he has time, he will meet with her.”

When FIJ contacted Ayeni, she confirmed that Ajibola had reached out to her and spoken of a meeting, but did not give a specific time.

Earlier in August, Ajibola contacted FIJ on his principal’s instruction and spoke with Ayeni after FIJ reported her claim that Adeniyi fathered her in 1970.

Now 52, Ayeni said she intended to conduct a DNA test to confirm her paternity and get a sense of identity.

“I learned that my mother’s husband was not my father, so I asked her about it. She told me my father’s name was Niyi, and he was from Ondo State,” Ayeni told FIJ. “She then told me he was the famous King Sunny Ade, which surprised me.”

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