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Diversification will make things easier – Acoustic designer, Dr GEE, tells music producers

by Salami Azeez

Unknown to many, Gods Power Jatto has got sound engineering credit in the albums of Timaya, Muma Gee, etc that were produced by K-Solo, as well as working closely with the likes of Patoranking , Sunn Nnaji, in Productions handled by the same producer before going on to open his studio. In this exclusive interview, the graduate of Political science talks the Nigerian music industry and the dream of delivering affordable acoustic panels to fellow producers of music.

Good evening and thanks for having me in your studio, how is the day going?

All is going good and everything around us is blessed.

Can you let our readers know more about you?

My name is God’s Power Martin Jatto I studied political Science at the University of Benin and I am a music producer.

You have a rich background in show biz how did your journey into music begin?

As always it began from the church before were I played all kinds of Instrument before I felt I needed something better, that is when I delved into music productions

Under which producer did you get trained?

I trained under the one and only K-Solo.

For how long did your training last?

It took me a total of five years.

Can you share with us the memories of those five years?

Well, it was all a blessed period because I saw myself grow from nobody to somebody that is my greatest achievement. And I saw ordinary people grow in my eyes to stars….

Can you share what us some of those people who came as ordinary and became stars?

Well I do not think that is necessary at this material time because the future and money is what we are pursuing.

Before we began this interview you said you are diverting ,can we know what you are diverting into?

Yes! The entertainment or music industry in particular is so large and this gives me so much joy , just yesterday I was with Vtech, a sound engineer and producer who is a Grammy Award winner, I am glad to say I built his studio from scratch to top even the production table and other furniture are from my company Bounce Music.
So if you are not doing well or you are not making as much as you expect, you simply look inward and you will see what you can do and stand out and before you know it you begin to find joy and satisfaction in your life, being a studio builder and acoustic designer gives me so much joy as well as the opportunity to meet more artist, and when I listen to the sound coming out of these studios , it gives me joy.

The major drive for you and Bounce music is to provide affordable acoustics for African can we know how affordable are your acoustics and other studio equipments?

I have acoustics for as low as five thousand naira so no one should have the excuse of making music in a room that is echoing.

You operate in Nigeria where everyone is crying over high cost of living and production, how come you are able to produce and sell for this low price?

I know things are hard but Nigerians always find a way out ,that is why we are tapping into the “can do” spirit of the average Nigerian to produce and sell at affordable rate

For your products coming that cheap, don’t you think some customers will say you are not delivering quality?

Not at all, because even when you Check online and see the kind of materials I work with you will know that they are not of low quality. Based on your density, choice and budget we ensure we deliver quality to customers.

Can you share with us some of your biggest clients that have patronized you so far?

My company, Bounce Music builds and hand over to Oxel musical that distributes to a lot of artist and So many music instrument dealers in Alaba market because if you walk in to buy studio equipment’s and see the bounce music tables and acoustic designs and pick them up at once, we have effectively taken away part of your streets.so that is how I reach across to customers faster, but Oxel and Mtech are the major distributors out there driving the market for us.

I will like the names of artist and studios that have made use of your services and products ?

The list long oh, but I can remember Afropop studio in Omole, Eager boy, Vtech the awesome , man the list is long and these list are still new but believe me we have a long list. The super stars we have hardly build studios they look for ready made ones to use.

Can you give us specific names?

It will take me time oh but major one are Aropop studio, Eager Boy and Vtech those are my stand out clients but there are lots more.

Has designing of studios and Acoustic been more profitable than music production?

Trust me, you can see me working in the studio working on mixing and mastering which goes back to my philosophy that says you do not have to depend on one thing alone you just have to diversify, I studied political science in school and I am not looking at the certificate that is why I am into production, designing of studios and acoustic so that money can come in from different ways.

What do you have to say to producers who still build studios and put up a signpost and wait for customers?

It is still good, so long as you are making your daily bread , but I always tell my people improve on your self and learn everything you can learn for your survival.

Has acoustic and studio designs started making you smile when you look at your account balance?

Not really, because I have not gotten to my target, but when client walk into their new studios and see the lights and listen to the sound emanating from the studio and say thank you it makes me happy, yes money is coming in but we are not there yet.

Where do you source for your materials ,is it locally our you import?

Not faking it, we get them locally in fact from Mushin and we order some online from other parts of Nigeria and they deliver.

So, your business is not affected by this dollar hike?

My brother, this dollar craze no get who e no touch oh but we keep looking for ways to do our business.

Do you have plans to export your studio designs and acoustics out of Nigeria?

Sure! That is the main Idea, you just spoke the big picture . In fact I get people reaching me with comments like this looks good, can we get it and I often say I am from Nigeria, so if I find a cheaper way of shipping out of Nigeria I will happily do.

Have activities of scammers, who are popularly called yahoo boys affected your trust level with foreigners?

Sure it has, even on the marketing site Jiji where we pay and advertise, people still do deliver first, before I pay….

…and this is because of yahoo boys?

Yes of course.

What is the way out for us now?

Well , that is why we grant interviews, keeping to our words and building trust day by day to help the increase in demand .

Do you think we need an award for the technical hands in the music industry to be celebrated?

I this it is high time, I am sure Vtech felt good when Grammy recognized him so it is time we had such an award.

How do you feel as Nigerian made music is now celebrated as far as Grammy?

I feel really happy and I know greater things are coming.

What mistake do you think industry players will make that will take attention from us?

I refuse to give room for any negativity so It can’t have a way in . All this guys are doing good now.

How does marriage and your family affect your career?

I feel blessed because when ever I see my people I do beautiful things.

Thanks for your time?

You are welcome.

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