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Adeleke committee exposes Oyetola’s plans to illegally award N30b contracts

by Salami Azeez

The Ademola Adeleke Transition Committee has been fully aware that the departing administration of Mr. Gboyega Oyetola has reached an agreement to award capital projects up to the tune of N30 billion naira to their boys and cronies without following the law’s requirements for procurement needs of the state.

Reliable reports from inside the administration revealed that the various pony projects are being assembled across the ministries with many cases of contract splitting, illegal application of selective tendering, upfront payment even before contract awards and a deliberate disregard for extant procurement laws.

Aside all other alerts we have issued as a responsible incoming administration, the new round of illegal contracts were reportedly authorised and with the full knowledge of the outgoing governor with the sole goal of bankrupting the state and complicating any efforts by the incoming government to rest the state on sustainable financial footing.

What Osun is witnessing in the twilight of Oyetola’s administration is not governance but deliberate sabotaging of state economy and treasury through fraudulent contract awards, questionable payments to contractors, ridiculous auctioning of state assets to cronies, employment of thousands of workers without consideration of capacity to pay and a targeted push to swell state payroll ahead of handing over date. To those arguing that the Governor remains the Governor until the last day, we submit that all the preceding cannot fall under exercise of constitutional power as the principal job of an elected leader is not to violate laws but ensure compliance with due process to deliver on good governance.

We want to repeat for the umpteenth time that no leader has the right to breach the procurement laws and due process requirements few weeks to the expiration of his or her tenure of office. What is occurring within Osun state government is a concerted decision to loot our common patrimony due to vengeful mind-set to punish the people of Osun State for overwhelmingly voting for Senator Ademola Adeleke.

To those hell bent on financially strangulating Osun state, we make bold to assert that no looted assets and fund will be left unrecovered. The long arm of the law will reach whoever collaborated in this ongoing mass pillaging of the state treasury. The incoming administration will put in place appropriate mechanism to hold all actors in this shameful, criminal plundering accountable.

Our regular alert to the public is designed to put Osun people in the know of the financial malfeasance ongoing across the sectors of Osun governance. The efforts have substantially paid off as it has stopped many invidious looting plots in some agencies and also caution many responsible public servants from being tools of anti-people hatchet jobs. We are even elated that the regular alerts has embolden Osun people to supply verifiable evidence of many shenanigans within Bola Ige House.

We assure the public that we will not relent in our patriotic duty to expose corruption and stop the rabid bid to financially ruin our dear state.

Credit: docpetnews

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