Sunday, December 4, 2022

2023: Why I Dumped PDP For APGA – Ex-minister Nweke 

The former Minister of Information and Communications, Frank Nweke Jr, has disclosed why he dumped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). 

Speaking in an interview with The Punch, Nweke said he left the PDP for APGA because the South-East has not benefitted from any dividends of democracy from the main opposition party. 

He added that the PDP has also not made any verifiable improvement to the welfare and progress of the people in Enugu State and the Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi-led government has performed woefully. 

Nweke, APGA governorship candidate in Enugu stated that his interest in joining any political party is good governance, stressing that the PDP did not provide that while the party was in power at the national level. 

He said: “Let me remind us that politics is about interests. Whether you’re looking at it from an individual or group perspective. My interest in belonging to a political party is good governance. Nationally, in the nearly 24 years of fidelity to the PDP, the South-East has not benefitted from the investments in infrastructure and other improvements commensurate with our support for the party.

“At the state level, the leadership also has not made any verifiable improvement to the welfare and progress of the people. The level of bad governance is unprecedented; the level of corruption is unprecedented. The level of ineptitude that has been displayed in the last seven years is totally unprecedented. The level of underdevelopment that has taken place here is unprecedented.

“So, the question then is, if you’re interested in good governance as I am, if you are interested in ethical leadership as I am, what business do you have with such a political party and what business do you have with the individuals representing this party? My answer is that on a personal note, I have no interest in such a political party and the people that represent them.

“Is it the All Progressives Congress? On what basis does one want to support the APC that has divided this country in an unprecedented way under which insecurity has thrived freely? What is the basis for supporting a party that has literally looked at one part of the country and called them names and derided them and their culture?

Ultimately, I had to look at these interests in politics and I felt that APGA, whose development philosophy is founded on the principle of shared prosperity, is where I would like to be. The slogan of this party is ‘Be your brother and your sister’s keeper’.

“This is why I chose APGA. I believe it represents the interest of the people. I believe that its manifesto and its founding principles have taken cognizance of what I call the social cosmology of the South-East. That is why I chose APGA and I am confident and convinced in my spirit that I made the right choice.”

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