Wednesday, February 1, 2023

South East Governors scared to protect their states – Pete Edochie

There’s no doubt that the things going on in Nigeria has made many prominent Nigerians to react. Many Nigerians have reacted to the current situation of Nigeria so far.

Father Mbaka had said his own, likewise other Nigerian prophets. Many Nigerians are just saying numerous things about the situation of Nigeria. Right now, it is about what Pete Edochie said about the south east governors.

Pete Edochie has come out to voice out his own views about the current situation of Nigeria. According to him, he said that the south east governors are not behaving as if they are tormented.

Pete Edochie is a man who always gives out his views about a particular thing without minding what people will say about him or what he said.

He said that the south east governors are just keeping quiet doing nothing about the situation of Nigeria as if all is well, while all is not well at all.

He said the south east governors who are supposed to act and look for a way to stop all the problems going on in the south east are relaxing while their states are on fire.

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