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Real Warri Pikin: Why we are renewing our marriage vow

by Daudu John

Real Warri Pikin: Why we are renewing our marriage vow

Speaking with NAOMI CHIMA, Anita Asuoha, aka Real Warri Pikin, explains her journey to fame and why she chose to renew her vow with her husband despite being legally married for 10 years

Can you share with us your grass to grace story?

I have always been a star. I used to dance back in the day in the years 2000 and 2001. In 2008, I went to the Glo RocknRoll where I danced, won and became a Glo ambassador. In 2009, I also went to the Maltina family dance hall and qualified for a family competition. We came out as the second runner-up. But some events in 2018 and 2019 redefined everything. I changed my name and started doing stand-up comedy and became an online influencer. I also started acting and had my first debut in the movie, “King of Boys.” I have always been into entertainment but it got defined in 2018 and 2019, all thanks to social media.

What made you choose the name Real Warri Pikin?

I used to make videos and send them to a group chat I had with some of my friends and colleagues when I used to work at the National Youth Service Corps. I would make them critique the videos and they usually did. One day, I told them I wanted to get a name and one of them, Nene, said “Real Warri Pikin,” and I said that is the name and since then, it stuck. Also, because I love to identify with where I am from, it made a lot of sense to me.

You run a non-governmental organisation called Real Warri Pikin Foundation, can you share with us what influenced the decision?

What influenced me to own that NGO was that in 2018, my kids were sent back home from school as we could not afford their school fees. It was so and many things also happened at the time. I told myself that if I made it, I would have an NGO where I would be paying children’s school fees. I launched the NGO in 2019 and since then, I have had what I call the “Back to School” project through which I pay school fees, and give out writing materials, and uniforms. I do this every year.

What made you fall into depression and attempted suicide, and how were you saved?

I attempted suicide in 2018 because I was depressed but God saved my life. It was debt that pushed me to that point. I invested in something I knew nothing about and also stood as a guarantor for other people and when the thing crashed I became indebted to N22m. MMM, Freedom, a series of Ponzi schemes, and even one crypto thing that went for an upgrade and never came back. I was making money from it at some point, got people involved and told them that they would outlive their money. But it crashed and they came for me. The debt was too much that I went to loan money from some microfinance banks but it was so much that I thought I would not get out of it, so I decided to take my life but God saved me. In the whole of 2019, I was busy paying up those debts as I started doing social media influencing.

Why the decision to renew your marriage vows after 10 years of being lawfully married to your husband? What inspired the decision?

Yes, I am getting married again and it is my dream wedding. When we got married 10 years ago, it was a low-budget wedding and it was not what we dreamed our wedding would be like. We told ourselves that if God blesses us in 10 years to come, we will have our dream wedding. God has blessed us, we are doing well, so come June, I will be getting married again to my husband.

What is your description of a peaceful home as far as marriage is concerned?

When we have two people who forgive, who see themselves as partners and support each other, and the man can make submission ready for the woman, and the ego man in turn is ready, I respect the man.

Which comedian will you like to work with outside the country?

Kevin Hart is an American comedian. I would love to work with him because we do the same kind of comedy and talk about reality.


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