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Oniduromi: Nigerians react as Tope Alabi condemns Yinka Alaseyori’s song

by Salami Azeez

Popular gospel singer, Evangelist Tope Alabi, has come under heavy criticism for condemning a song by Yinka Alaseyori in a viral video.

Alaseyori, had in a song described God as her (spiritual) guarantor or advocate.

The song, ‘Oniduro mi e seun’, meaning ‘thank You my Guarantor’, became very popular among the people of the South West.

The song became an ‘anthem’ in churches as hardly will a Sunday pass by without a ‘mention’ of it during services in the South West.

But, Tope Alabi, making veiled reference to Alaseyori during an event, said it will be wrong for anybody to tag God as his or her guarantor.

Tope Alabi said there was a day she wanted to sing the song, but the Holy Spirit told her to shut up.

To her, God is more than a guarantor or surety and it will not be good to describe him so.

The singer, who spoke in Yoruba language, said Gospel singers need to digest songs very well before releasing them to the public, otherwise individuals will be singing something senseless.

“Look at the enormous things God has done and somebody now came out to say Oniduromi e seun. God is not my own guarantor. God is more than a guarantor. I also loved that song, but the day I wanted to sing it, the Holy Spirit said ‘shut up your mouth.’ This is not like saying a song is not good. When you receive a song in the spirit, there are some deliberations you must have with the Holy Spirit before releasing it to the public, otherwise, if you release it the way it comes, individuals will just be singing rubbish. He has given us the brain to digest through it very well, then bring it back.”

But, many have since attacked Tope Alabi online, saying she was only envious of Yinka.

Oluwabunmi Awolusi, writing on her Facebook wall with the title, “Unwarranted Critique”, said: “Awww. Imagine how Yinka expressed joy when she connected with aunty Tope Alabi in a live video and Tope sang one of Yinka’s new releases. She even said “Mo ti blow”.

“Months later, the same aunty Tope allowed pride to drag her before a lady who had once revered her. She called her “maami”. Not mummy. The expression is deep.

“Nobody has monotomy to God’s name or the extent of his existence. We see God in parts, and how He appears to mankind is unpredictable. I remember my mum shivers at that point in one of her songs which reads “Olorun gbangba, Olorun kidiri, Olorun jaranjaran”. She once told me it has been difficult for her to refer to anything else as “gbangba” because it makes a whole new meaning to her.

“Aunty Tope is blessed with beautiful and soul-filling ministrations, and how she’s led to express God and his works with unimaginable names with a unique voice. She stands out among other gospel artists.  Those words or names couldn’t have been revealed by anyone else but the Holy Spirit. They are names that keep you on your knees, lost and emotional in worship.

“The same Holy Spirit couldn’t have revealed to aunty Tope that He isn’t our Oniduro, “our guarantor”. A name traceable to the bible in Hebrew 7:22.  How?

“Aunty needs to go indoor and apologize to the Holy Spirit for that statement, then put a call through Yinka to mend the relationship. As for me, Tope Alabi is still loved. Always loved. Forever a fan. Her songs are spiritually rooted but she needs to watch it, as she recently makes it to the news for criticisms.

“For unknown reasons, ‘Oniduro mi’ is a song that keeps me going. When I’m tired at work and need energy to carry on, it’s one of the few songs that reads from my subconscious mind, followed by others and back to Oniduro mi.

“It’s free publicity for Yinka now. Indeed she “has blow”. May you not miss it Tope Alabi because your songs have saved souls and touched lives. Wherefore, let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall.” 1Corinthians 10:12.”

Also, Babajide Oderinde wrote: “Whatever Tope Alabi’s real intention was with the unchristian-like and childish stunt she pulled, she has only succeeded in making this gifted woman more popular. Although I have been listening to her soul lifting songs for some time now, but I didn’t know what she looks like until now. This is a case of God using your enemy’s antics to lift you up. The kinda hatred and earthly competition that runs in Christendom.”

Adetunbi Saheed Ige: “Now I can understand. Tope Alabi thinks she can be the champion forever? This woman is giving her a run for her money in praising God and Aunty Tope just wants to bully her to silence. It is not possible. This woman just hit global limelight due to Tope Alabi’s envy.”

Paul Olayemi: “You people don’t really know how God has done it for the lady that sang the song to be more famous. God has used the so-called Tope Alabi to be her advertising channel without any payment. She believes she was bringing her down without knowing the criticism she did to her will turn to her uplifting. Tope Alabi, thanks for the free advert you did to promote the lady through your jealousy.”

Anuoluwa Iyiola: Tope Alabi gets pride. Imagine her attending a christain programme, if you don’t pay her up to N250k, she can never come, if not more. Business gospel artiste, I am not saying they should not give you money, but gospel is not for sale.

Princess Paulin: Abraham was great, Isaac was very great, but Jacob was exceedingly great. Alaseyori, it’s your time to Yori. If you know, you know.

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