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Bill to enforce DSTV, GOTv and StarTime, subscribers are charge “Pay-as-you-go on course — Rep

by Salami Azeez

The House of Representatives has guaranteed Nigerians that the execution of the Pay-Per-View Tariff bill is in measure and that they will make sure that all satellite specialist organizations in the nation follow the law.

The statement was made by the Chairman of the committee, Uniyime Idem who guaranteed citizens that the issue of high tariff for satellite specialist organization membership is being tended to by the House of Representative, as he clarified that the bill has passed the second perusing in the house and will be results will be declared when the entire cycle is finished up.

The issue of the unpredictable charges and expenses mentioned by satellite specialist co-ops has been one moving issue to the general public and particularly to rustic regions that are for the most part influenced because of the absence of power and force supply.

The majority of the clients of the satellite decoder normally whine that they are being charged for what they didn’t use since the decoder is difficult to be utilized if there isn’t light.

After proper pondering to Pay-Per-View Tariff issue, the House of Representatives concluded that the bill will be passed into law, thus guaranteeing Nigeria that they will be paying for what they are utilizing all things considered. of the standard conjectured period of time, they are being given.

Numerous Nigeria will be cheerful if the bill is affirmed as they will be given to freedom to watch the satellite decoder when there is light and turn it off when there isn’t light without ascertaining the restricted period of time they subscribed for.

Nigerians are therefore guaranteed and encouraged to show restraint for the interim while the bill is under understanding interaction and with time, the house of reps will see its endorsement and execution.

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