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Access bank customers to get rapid digital services via AccessX

by Salami Azeez

In a bid to provide access to a mix of product information and lifestyle offerings to Nigerians, Access Bank Plc has said its customers can now have access to simple, fast and secure tech-driven solutions to all digital banking challenges through its newly launched AccessX experience centre.

Speaking at the tour of the newly-launched facility, Victor Etuokwu, Executive Director, Access Bank, explained that the experience centre is a one-stop technology hub where the bank’s customers are taken on a digital tour spanning Artificial intelligence to robotics, and smart data.

This, he said, is related to the bank’s digital channels and a place to demonstrate the best of its innovative solutions through self-service banking while providing access to a mix of product information and lifestyle offerings.

“We have a customer base of 45 million customers and because we are digitally focused, we have to serve a whole lot of these customers.

“One of our visions is to be able to bank one in every two Nigerians and for us to do this we have to increase the touchpoint that our service can be accessed by them. Digital is clearly the easy way.

“AccessX is an additional touch point for our customers to bank with us.

“This is in recognition of the fact that 90 percent of our transaction and engagement with our customers is through digital and those customers require support in some form either on their cards, internet banking, mobile app or merchant platform.

“Setting up this experience centre will enable these customers to have a point of contact where they can get support and speed service outside the traditional bank.

“The traditional banks have their place and do have some digital support but the AccessX centre is 100 percent digital support,” he said.

Also speaking, Daniel Akumabor, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Channels at the bank, said that the AccessX experience centre would expose its customers to a full digital experience which will include digital banking services, ATM services, video banking solutions amongst others.

He said: “First and foremost, we are exposing customers to new innovations to have a full digital experience and get feedback on how we can improve on our digital channels as we are very innovative and have solutions to what our customers need.

“So, as we roll out our digital channels, our customers have first-hand access to it to solve whatever they need as we put our money on the line to support them.

Access Bank Customers To Get Rapid Digital Services Via AccessX “We observed that our customers are more digitally focused and so we looked at an opportunity to churn out a new innovation which requires speed of response and knowing full well that speed is our priority, we intend to provide more services and more security.”

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