The world has become funnier. More exciting should be what best describes this new age. People went from being primitive to being morally depreciated. Now you see people gold digging out in the open without a care to the one who they’re gold digging from. Girls have become wilder, boys have become more stupid. I often wonder, is it not the same world I’m living in? Am I the only one who decided to become an anomaly?
It irritates me how so many girls of this new age date guys just because of what they can gain from them, financially. What happened to the upright girls? What happened to the girls with pride and good moral standing? What happened to the girls who believed in true love and patience? I miss talking to girls who are ambitious and wise. Most of you see life in a one sided way. When did your standards drop? I applaud the girls out there who still have all this because it’s easy to be part of this societal degradation and not have the slightest idea.
Guys have lost it too but don’t you girls realise, the day you decided to act unruly was the day the guys decided to act savage like.
This is not a poem or a story but a plea. I beg you girls, life is hard enough as it is, please do not make it any harder by confusing the good girls out there and letting them think that moral depreciation is the new way evolve. I love and respect you girls. so please read this with an open mind.