Men generally feel these women are too much work and try their best to avoid them.

1. The talkative: It doesn’t mean she’s a bad woman. Most men feel it’s unladylike to speak when others are talking, which means you have to wait for one to stop before you can start talking. Although women don’t see it the same way, a man just stops trying when he realises the woman he likes to interrupts him every time he’s speaking.

2. The ‘just me’ woman: This women are simply hard to win over. Men consider this type of woman a challenge because of her strength and ability to do things other women can’t. These type of women can also be distant emotionally which totally puts a man off. He’ll walk away when he’s had enough.

3. The clingy one: There’s nothing that scares a man more than a woman who constantly sings marriage into his ear when he’s not ready to say goodbye to bachelorhood. Unfortunately you can’t spot a clingy woman unless you begin a relationship with her. But a man would run away once he finds out his girlfriend is insecure, possessive and a bag full of self-esteem issues.

4. The one with superiority complex: There’s a difference between being successful and having a superiority complex. Men avoid women who always think they are the best and can do no wrong.

5. The mind reader: This woman expects her man to read her mind. She loves the mind guessing games and this could frustrate her man who in return will walk away when he’s tired of undergoing the constant tests she puts him through.

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