Cool, calm and calculated looking hip hop artiste, Ezuaka Charles Chinonye aka Zealous, is set to unleash his latest hit single, titled, ‘Norms.’

The Anambra state born music star told E24-7 Magazine that the release of the song shall be followed by a video shoot of the project

Zealous hinted that his management team has perfected plans to make the multi-million naira video shoot a first class affair.

“We are coming out with the best of video shoot. It is going to be of international standard. We know what our fans want. That they need the best from us, is not a lie. So, we are giving them a fist class affair, “he said.

On the song, he went on to say, “The song, ‘Norms’, actually talk about the street dreams and aspirations. It’s positioned to change the mindset of the youths, toward positive thinking. This is what is going to make them believe in themselves.

“This song would get the people to know that the ultimate in thing in life, is working according to approved set out norms. Morals and Values have long been in the dustbin of our nation. Its entire fabric has been eroded with cancerous ideas and lifestyles, that there are hardly anything good at the present time, coming out of Nigeria.

“It is not because we are not naturally blessed with intellects. It is just that we don’t allow true norms permeate our individual and collective lifestyles. That is the only way things can start turning out good. It’s hard to accept but it’s the truth.

That is the reason music of old and those with good lyrics today, should bring about positive development of our society. Music should not be singing whatever comes out of your mouth. Let it be what shall benefit the society. That is where my music and I represent.”

Zealous used the media chat to divulge reasons for the breakup of his former unit, MB Cube. The group had a few tracks together and was becoming very famous with clubbers when it went down.

“It was for the simple reason to go search for knowledge, that MB Cube split. Whatever rumour you hear in town, that our splitting was because of money or woman, is a lie. When it’s right for us to come together once more to do a few songs, we would do that. The group is still intact in the spirit. We would remain brothers,” he added, with a smile on his face.

Norms is being produced Cypress Beatz.