So today’s topic goes out to the lovers, the cheaters, friends with benefits, and the ‘in-betweeners.’ First, I’ll talk about the lovers.

The lovers are the romantic ones; the fairytale believers who think that all they need to do in a relationship is love their partner unconditionally.

As for the cheaters, well the name says it all. The friends with benefits are the ones that think a relationship doesn’t have to mean commitment all the time. This set of people always end up falling in love or getting hurt. PS: not advisable.

Now, the inbetween (ers) are people like me. People who don’t really know what they want in a relationship; an inbetween (er) has the attribute of a lover, a cheater and the people who like the friends with benefits.

Let me explain this further. An inbetween(er) likes a person; at a point they even think they’re in love with that person. But when they see another person, they start to get confused, and cheat. They don’t necessarily date the other person they meet; they just become intimate friends. Now, you see what I mean? The lover, the cheater and the friends with benefits.

What causes these four people to act in differently similar ways? Two things: love and sex. A lot of people say love kills, but so does sex. When I say this, I mean when you’re in love and you get hurt, you feel like you don’t want to live anymore. When you’re getting good sex and that stops, it can also drive you crazy and obsessive because you think you can’t get someone to take you to that height anymore.

Why do these things happen to us? It’s because we’re not patient. We get pressured, afraid, and most importantly, we’re too lazy to pray. Have you ever asked yourself, what if I get it wrong? How would my children turn out? Would I be happy? Well, this is just me sharing my thoughts. Stay safe.