Nigerian popular musician Sammy Okposo reveals that the passion he has for music was greater than the fear he has for his father, when he quit accountancy at 200level.

According to him, “My father wanted me to become an accountant but at the end of my 200 level in the university I knew I was going to become a frustrated accountant, so I walked to him one day and say daddy I want to become an artist.

He disclosed, not that he was afraid of going to the university but would love to read theater art or music but his father said to him not with his money.

Meanwhile the young man was never reluctant; he left home and decided to stay with his uncle at Ajegunle where his journey into stardom starts.

In his statement” you never contest with my father for whatever he has chosen for you to become, but I took a drastic step because the passion I have for music is greater than the fear of being disowned by my own father”.

The successful artist and also a producer, his happy today has his father later accepted him with his chosen carrier.

Sammy said,” My father said to me before he died that he is proud of me even though I have once disobeyed him”.

He also added that the best award he has ever won was the blessings from his father before he died.



Write: Fatima quadri