You know what i hate more than roaches? A fake person. Someone who isn’t true to themselves and the people they’re supposed to be representing. I gotta to give a big shout out to Olamide for staying true to himself and not letting the money cloud his mind and forget his pain and reject his roots. Now that is a guy who has kept and is still keeping it real. There’s nothing like being true to yourself, it gives you this unexplainable freedom, peace. It attracts people who are true to you. You know that saying ‘’real recognise real’’ well it’s not just a saying it’s a fact. Why would you wake up one day and tell yourself i want to forget the things that make me me? or the things that make me stand out of the norm. Why would you want to be a follower instead of a leader, why would you adapt to being fake instead of being you? What does such a person enjoy in that. I mean I can’t stand someone who used to drink garri before he/she could afford rice then now that the person can afford rice they do like they’ve never heard of the word garri. When you’re true to yourself no one can talk you down or make you feel like you can never amount to anything. The truth is being true to Yourself scares the ones who are fake, so the fake ones either want to turn the real ones or make life unbearable for them. Realness is a threat people and it’s also a strength. God has put something in everyone that makes us different and makes us stand out. Why lose yours?
I’m writing this and it’s going out to me too. I pray I don’t lose myself, I pray don’t lose that spark and I pray I stay true to myself, family & environment. Don’t be what you’re not. It’s not worth it and it’s too stressful. So if anyone who knows me sees me becoming something else please remind me about this. It’s easy to lose Yourself, it’s easy for the fame and the money to make you become a monster. Steps to staying true to you. Pray, laugh a lot, love & protect your heart jealously. Until next time. Stay safe, stay true and be you.


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