Upcoming Nollywood actress Opeyemi Adeloye aka Orente has ascribed the status of the devil to men that demand sex from women before giving assistance to them.

Opeyemi called by her sobriquet Opzygal, told E24-7 Magazine during an exclusive interview in Lagos,”Any man who is ready to support you will surely help you without collecting anything from you, a woman. But if the man decides to ask for sex before helping a Lady, he is a devil. This is because it’s only the devil that will never give you something without taking anything from you, in return.”

“These are the men that nurse the idea that women shouldn’t be seen or regarded as equals to men. They don’t know that life without women would be difficult and meaningless. This is because women undoubtedly are the gift of life and rule the world,” she said.

Opeyemi sees no decipherable difference between what men do and the contributions of women, especially in the Nigerian entertainment clime.

“There’s no difference between a man and a woman in the film Industry and in Nigeria as a whole. Both sexes are actors. While men produce movies women do theirs too. So no one should undermine the abilities and contributions of women to the development of the Nigerian economy even the movie industry, she alleged and continued, “As the saying goes, what men can do women can do better.”


Opeyemi while having the perception that making money is good poured unprintable expletives on men that champion sexual harassment in the film world. She however cautioned her colleagues that getting desperate would make them victims, “In life generally, everyone must be cautious of the fact that desperately trying to go beyond limits to get what you can’t naturally afford might make them want to do things out of their will. As of such, they may easily end up taking actions they wouldn’t have wanted to take in the first place. When that becomes the case, people would want to take an advantage of them.”

Opeyemi has featured in movies such as Baby Mi, Mo Jere and Spa among others.