Would it kill you to have substance? How would a person feel so inferior to the extent that they start to sell their body for money? When I see women who stand at the roadside at night, I don’t feel disgust for them. I just feel so sad. You see beautiful women doing despicable things just to survive or to help their family. I will never judge anyone especially those people because I don’t know the kind of situation that put them there. Now I’m not talking about these people, that’s a very touchy issue. I’m talking about the people that don’t have to do it but want to. Now these kind of people irritate me, they are so blinded by their stupidity that some of them don’t even see what they are doing wrong. People like this have lost their Self Worth. Self Worth is not an issue to be taken lightly, once you lose it, it can take you a life time to get it back. I don’t understand how a guy/girl that knows they can work and make good money will just choose not to try but then decide to sleep with other people for money just because they are lazy and choose to be immoral. Do you know how bad you have to kill your conscience to be able to sleep with different people and be okay with it, do you know how many soul ties people who sleep around are carrying up and down? In case you don’t know, once you sleep with a person you carry something from them, something spiritual, you have a piece of them in you and this causes series of problems spiritually.
What does a person who sleeps around gain? There’s no peace, joy, happiness. There’s just emptiness and anger deep down somewhere. How would you feel when you meet someone you don’t even know and they tell you that you’ve slept with them before. No, really, how would you feel? This issue can’t be stressed enough. Ok let’s put the spiritual aspect out of it for now, think about your health. You don’t know where that other person has been or who that other person has been with. Why would you choose to wake up one morning and use your body that God named a temple for sin. You don’t feel any remorse because you think it’s your life? The life you have isn’t even yours, the air you breathe isn’t yours either. The same way He gave you life is the same way He can take. Do not invoke the wrath of God. How do you feel knowing that you can’t feel the presence of your Maker with you. I feel some how talking about this and you don’t even feel anything doing it. I pray you don’t realise this when it’s too late. Till next time, stay safe.