Khloe Kardashian has been spotted out and about with her boyfriend for the first time since her estranged husband Lamar Odom collapsed in a brothel.

The reality star was seen with basketball player beau James Harden at Lure nightclub in Hollywood on Sunday.

Khloe is still legally married to Lamar Odom, after she called off their divorce so that she could make medical decisions for him during his recovery.

But the brunette beauty told People magazine: “It’s not even in our brains thinking about us as a couple or having a relationship right now.”

It seems the star is determined to keep things moving forward with James, especially since Lamar’s accusations that she used his near-death experience for self-promotion. khloe-james-1-435 khloe-kardashian-james-harden-chipotle-date-houston khloe-kardashian-james-harden-070915 khloe-kardashian-gets-chipotle__oPt 1166 Screen-Shot-2015-08-13-at-10.16.14-AM-600x563 khloe-kardashian-brings-james-harden-kylie-jenners-18th-birthday-pics-spl-lead 2A5D1FF900000578-3158644-Getting_closer_Khloe_Kardashian_was_spotted_leaving_an_intimate_-a-15_1436742836411

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