Nosa Omoregie simply known as Nosa is the only Gospel artistes signed to Chocolate City Entertainment which has other acts such as MI, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz, DJ Caise among others. In this chat with E24-7 MAGAZINE’S TOFARATI IGE, he asserts that as far as he is concerned, Choc City is the only record label worth its salt in the country, and that all others are just glorified production houses. He also speaks on his career, Korede Bello’s performance in a church, and other issues. Excerpts…

You are the only Gospel artiste in Chocolate City, why do you think they signed you considering the risk involved?

I usually don’t like to create that divide between secular and gospel artistes because it’s by their fruits that you will know them. Some people might not call the name Jesus all the time, but they may be living a life that is a blessing to others. There are also those who shout Jesus, yet their lives are nothing to write home about. Back to your question, surely Choc City saw something in me; I guess it’s my style of delivery. I’m not a churchy person even though I’ve been a pastor for a while. I’m more of a kingdom person. In the beginning, I set out to go beyond the walls of the church because when Jesus came, he was hardly in the synagogue; he was in the streets. And the message that the Pharisees made to look so impossible, he delivered it simply. That’s what I also want to do. Sometimes, we get too complicated with the message, and the people out there who don’t come to church don’t understand it. And they are the ones who need the message most. Besides, if you’re good at what you do, I’m sure somebody would want to invest in you.

Choc City has been making lots of managerial moves lately instead of music, don’t you think it will affect the artistes on the label?

Well, it will not affect you if you know what you’re doing and why you went there in the first place. The structure is being adjusted to favour the artistes, and it’s also a structure that ensures that artistes are responsible to an extent for the success they achieve.

Was the song, ‘I Go Always Pray for You’ inspired by anybody in particular?

It wasn’t inspired by anybody in particular. I just wanted to do a song that we could use to say goodbye without crying or feeling bad because goodbyes are inevitable. We must say it at one point or the other. I wrote the song to let people know that when you depart from a person, you still carry the responsibility of making sure the person is doing well through your prayers. It’s also a song to foster love among the children of God, and even those outside the body of Christ.

We haven’t heard from you in a while, what’s responsible for that?

There are many things in the pipeline, so in due time, you’ll hear from me. You know along the line, one experiences some hitches and hurdles, but you overcome them and that’s the most important thing.

Jesse Jagz is back to Choc City, what do you have to say about that?

It’s a great thing. He’s a brother to MI, so it’s a case of brothers re-uniting to do great things like before.

In Nigeria, will you say we have record labels that really live up to the name?

We have production houses. Chocolate City, for me, is the only record label in the country in terms of structure, artiste development, and doing the business the way it should be done. The industry in Nigeria is very epileptic and has no structure; it favours those with money.

Do you think Choc City is giving your career the desired attention?

Of course. Like I said earlier, the label is structured in such a way that you are partially responsible for how successful you are. If you’re going to sit back and wait for the label to do something for you, then Chocolate City is not for you. But if you’re going to be on your feet and take advantage of the platform, then that’s the place to be.

You were once a pastor, will you still go back to the pulpit?

I am not a pastor, but an altar shepherd. Ministry is beyond owning a church, it’s about spreading the word of God and affecting lives. Even if it’s under a canopy, or just a normal discussion with friends, that’s ministry.

But are you planning to set up your own church?

No, never. It’s not in my plans, but I’ll continue to teach and minister the Word of God with music.

As a gospel artiste in the midst of secular ones, how do you cope?

I cope the normal way the Christian banker, doctor and any other professional copes. I won’t even use the word cope because they understood what I stood for before the signed me to the label. Mind you, they are also Christians. For them to have signed and be promoting a gospel artiste, it tells you how connected to God they are. But when people are judgmental and feel they are in a position to say whether a person is a Christian or not, it shows how limited we still are in our thinking as Christians. It’s not in my place to judge anyone; I go there to do what I have to do, and if I feel that collaborating with any of them will help me push my message to the audience I want to get it to, I’ll do that. I featured MI in my album, ‘Open Doors.’ It’s the message that matters. If I do a song that says, ‘Shake it for me baby’ then you can cry, but if I say ‘The Lord is Holy’ and I feature a secular artiste; let’s leave who is singing it and concentrate on the message.

Talking about being judgmental, there was a lot of uproar about Korede Bello performing in a church, what’s your take on that?

I even tweeted about the issue. I said God did not establish any physical temple, he established temples made without hands. There is no church that is greater than the least of the children of God. It’s not about the building; a church structure could be turned to a nightclub tomorrow. We are the temples of God. If you have ever hummed Korede’s song, ‘Godwin’ in your heart, then Korede has performed in your church. I believe he can sing anywhere he wants. And what is the song we are even talking about? ‘Godwin’ which has a gospel flavour, so why are people judgmental? The choirmaster that leads songs, do you know what he did the night before? Korede Bello can be saved, that is if he is not already saved, which I’m sure he is. What about the thief on the cross that secured salvation at the last second of his life? There is nobody with any moral right to judge because we all want God to forgive our sins when we beg Him for mercy. Korede Bello can come and perform in my church, so far he is going to sing ‘Godwin.’


What do you think about the N27m wardrobe allowance recently given to Senators?

It’s outrageous; when it’s not like they don’t have clothes. For someone to be in the Senate, that means they already have more than enough clothes. It’s a waste of money as far as I’m concerned. There are people who need that money and whose life would be much better with it.


Last word to your fans?

If you have discovered the gift God has given you, make full use of it, and don’t go back to the grave with it.