‘A possible transfer of power from Gov. Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola to Senator Iyiola Omisore, a former governorship candidate of the PDP in the state of Osun in 2018, would be similar to a total eclipse of the sun’.

This was the response of the APC to Omisore’s statement that he is in the race for governor of Osun in 2018 ‘in order to free the state from bad governance’.

In a statement from the publicity directorate of the APC in Osogbo made available to the media today, the party said ‘Omisore has no practical experience in governance worthy of respect to give the people of Osun.

‘He was disgraced from office,  indeed impeached within two years as deputy governor to Pa. Bisi Akande for infidelity and sabotage of the same government he was supposed to be the second in command’, the APC argued.

According to the party ‘Omisore’s pedigree of disloyalty and inordinate ambition has lived with him since then till now, and nothing significant has changed in his political mold’.

The APC described Omisore ‘s participation in the last governorship election as particularly obscene and characterized by violence.
‘To worsen matters, the party said, Omisore has no restraint in lying against his opponents, and about events or his political worth, which the whole of Osun also knows,  has been in decline over the years.

‘It is the reason the PDP chieftain can neither understand the dynamics of governance nor the tragic consequences of the economic downturn in Nigeria and how it has impacted Osun.

‘This is why we will not waste time and energy responding to the details of his wishy-washy, namby,  pamby criticisms of the APC government.

‘Omisore has nothing, but violence and thuggery to offer the people. His participation in Osun politics leave a trail of tears and blood that the people will never forget’, the APC claimed.

‘That’s not the substance of which a redeemer is made. Only destroyers come in the mold of the character that people of Osun have come to associate with Omisore.

‘For God’s sake, the people of Osun know better than Omisore thinks and they will surprise him again in 2018 with a painful defeat, which his lies and violence cannot stop’, the APC concluded.