It may be an unending wait for those who look forward to controversial singer, Queen Ure, making an apology on reasons she unceremoniously quitted her pastoral calling for music. In the words of the former wife to music star, Soul E, “I don’t have any apologies and I don’t feel bad that I am not a pastor any more. Nobody is God.”

Queen UreAdakwuOkezie, while reacting to the question on why she retired from pastoral work like Pope Benedict, said, “No, that is not retirement. I just moved on to something else. I am not one who does things the way others do them. I do things that come from inside me, and when I know it`s time for me to move on to something else, I just go ahead to do it. I thank God that he used me in that capacity for that period of time. God can decide to use anybody at any time at a particular period for a particular purpose and that was what happened at that time. Afterall, I just did the Ministry thing for three years. It is not compulsory I do it for the rest of my life. Again, Ministry for me is not necessarily the pulpit. It is all about reaching out. You can reach out from the pulpit or from your house, or by writing books, like I am writing books at the moment, even to reach out by visiting the motherless babies’ homes. So it does not necessarily have to be a pulpit thing. And if God uses you in that capacity at any period of time, it is beautiful.”

Queen Ure was quite emphatic while replying to the question, that she went back to Household of God Church because of her desire to get on with, and possibly marry Pastor Chris Okotie, now that he is a single man again. She retorted, “What a question? What kind of mischievous question is that? Why would somebody go to the church if not to worship? Mind you, that is a respectable man people ought to respect. But you guys just write things because you want to sell your papers. Sorry, I am not going to make any comment concerning this. I don’t know why they talk about my pastor. He is my pastor. As soon as I stopped pastoring, I went back to my church. I have been in Household almost all my life. That is my church. People there are like family to me. So if you are not pastoring anymore, there is no better place to go than your former church. I stopped doing pastoral work when I returned from the UK and went back to my church. It’s as simple as that.