Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) has called for effective use of Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA) as credible tool to achieve the state’s mega city agenda, especially in curbing insecurity in the state.

Aderogba Adeoye, chairman, Education and Manpower Development Committee at the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) told Nigeria CommunicationsWeek that LASRRA’s capacity has not been fully utilised.

In his words: “We do not know how many people are coming into Lagos daily. It is a very worrisome situation. Lagos State is discussing or pursuing mega-city agenda, but the same state government has seemingly, abandoned its flagship- Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA). They are virtually doing nothing at the moment.

“Why would the government be chasing around criminals in the creeks? In other countries, as the criminals are striking, the government is already releasing the identity of the suspects. In Nigeria, we usually comb the bushes to arrest criminals; that is if we succeed”.

He said that as a state, funding shouldn’t be a problem for LASRRA “because the populace will pay for it. They can outsource some of their projects to companies ready to add value to the society”.

“We have a model in NCS that can ensure every resident of Lagos gets captured and issued with card in maximum of six months. It is not magical, but technology in action and not even expensive,” he said.

Nodding in agreement, Mr Iyiola Ayoola, executive secretary of NCS, also told Nigeria CommunicationsWeek that Lagos is a dynamic city with a population of active youths hence robust identity management system would assist in generating accurate data about each citizen as a guide to safety.

“The aged and children are fewer compared to the youths. They need to be identified. Identity management is becoming relevant everyday due to increase in terrorism, kidnapping, assassinations, youth restiveness, assaults and killing of security agents”, he said. “The whole world is ready to assist Lagos State to get its identity management right. We are one of the largest city capitals in the world. So, the world is interested in our identity. Where you have population, funding projects is never a problem. It can pay! So, anything that is hindering the good working of that LASRRA should be addressed”.

“They can call on the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and private companies to help analyse the operations. Everything is not money. Get the processes right. We are ready to rally our technical milieu to get that place working,” Ayoola added.