How many things could possibly go wrong on a single visit between two couples? Whatever you think the answer is, a new movie, ‘The Visit’ will definitely get you to have a re-think, writes TOFARATI IGE.

The four-man cast movie starring Nse Ikpe-Etim, Femi Jacobs, Bayray Mcnwizu, and Blossom Chukwujekwu, is on all fronts, a Nollywood movie with a difference.

The first scene of the movie opens to show a married couple, Femi Jacobs (Chidi Nebo) and Bayray Mcnwizu (Eugenia Nebo) in the bathroom brushing their teeth. Chidi is a computer geek who owns his own IT firm, while Eugenia is a stay-at-home fashion blogger. Watching them perform this perfunctory act that many take for granted is almost akin to sitting through an Etiquette and Finesse class. The wife, Eugenia is obviously the prim and proper type. Everything about her appearance looks incredibly put together, with not a single strand of hair out of place. Her husband, Chidi looks to her, every step of the way, to see if he is doing it right. After brushing his teeth, he cleans his mouth with a towel, but another look at his wife proves that he is not getting it. Instead of just wiping her mouth with the towel, she rather dabs at her face with it as if she has just finished dining at a five-star restaurant. They then proceed to the dining table where the wife has a time-table planned for their meals. Even though the husband wants to eat something more solid, he has no choice but to comply with his wife’s order of taking cereals.
Meanwhile, just on the other side of the house is another couple, Jide (Blossom Chukwujekwu ) and Ajiri (Nse Ikpe-Etim) Shagaya, that exist in a completely different world from their neighbours .While the Nebos are extremely organized, the Shagayas give a new meaning to the word ‘Chaos.’

Jide is an upcoming music producer, while his wife is a party planner and event manager. Their household is an absolute mess, and from the first view of their apartment, one can see that the word ‘order’ is not to be found in their dictionary. Bottles of alcohol can be seen scattered all around, while Jide sleeps on the bare floor with panties around his neck, and Ajiri wakes up on a couch. They are a happy-go-lucky couple, and they live for each day.

Apparently, the Shagayas are freer in each other’s company and are not slaves to their own rules like the Nebos.
Without being told, it is evident to see that there are enough grounds for disagreement between the two couples sharing the same house. The first hint of this is when Chidi is about leaving for work, only to find that the Shagayas have blocked his vehicle with their car. Eugenia fumes, but Chidi calms her down, and moves the car out of the way when he finds the key in the ignition.

That same night, when the Shagayas return, they resort to having sex in front of the house, directly outside the Nebo’s window. Eugenia tried to get her husband to confront the horny couple, but he suggests that he will do that in the morning.

The strained relationship between the couples finally comes to a head when the Shagayas have a quarrel and eventually break the Nebo’s window in the middle of the night.

Perhaps, it will be safe to say that it is at this point that the movie actually begins. The Shagayas pay the Nebos a visit in the morning to apologise for their misconduct during the night. On getting to the Nebo’s apartment, they find that the couple is actually about to come to their own house too.

This seemingly innocent visit turns out to be the opening of Pandora’s box as different secrets kept popping out till it was evident that even the people who lived together were merely strangers to themselves.

The first lie to be exposed was the fact that Chidi doesn’t enjoy his wife’s cooking, and instead of eating it, he usually dumps it all in the trash. On the other hand, Chidi also discovers that his ‘perfect’ wife is a closet alcoholic as she guzzles large amounts of Vodka everyday unbeknownst to him.
Several other ghosts from the past such as involvement in drug trafficking, cultism and murder, extra-marital affairs are unveiled, and it becomes evident that all the parties are guilty of hiding things from their partners. Essentially, they have been living lies all along.

Meanwhile, Jide shockingly discovers that despite their rather healthy sex-life, Ajiri still pleasures herself with a dildo when he’s not around. She tells him that it is not because of his lack of skill in that department, but because she has an unusually high libido. Jide also finds out that despite her soothing words of encouragement all the time, Ajiri wants him to get a decent job, at least, pending the time that his music career puts food on their table.

However, the Nebos who portray themselves as a perfect example of what a civilized couple should be are guiltier of living double lives than the Shagayas who rarely keep secrets from each other.

At the end of the day, each couple has to face and solve their differences in their own way, when Eugenia discovers that Chidi has two children with his secretary.

Another plus for ‘The Visit’ is that it addresses topical issues without been patronizing. Sex education, vagina mutilation, female circumcision (Eugenia was a victim of this as a child) all found expression in the movie, and people who are in similar situations will surely learn a thing or two.
The movie also treats the issue of honesty in marriages, and how couples should ideally be open and talk to each other about everything, as two are expected to become one in marriage.
However, on the flip side, ‘The Visit’ contains a lot of strong languages, and explicit scenes which may limit its audience.
‘The Visit’ was directed by Funke Fajoyin, produced by Biodun Stephen and bank-rolled by Koga Entertainment. And contrary to fears that the movie which is made up of just four cast, and set in a single location will be boring, there is no dull moment in the over two hours’ flick.
‘The Visit’ is surely a film that’s worth visiting the Cinema for.