Ace actor Yemi Solade may soon diversify. Like most of his contemporaries, in this biting time in the annals of Nigeria’s economic meltdown, finding new fertile grounds to do business other than acting has become the norm.

But guess what line of enterprise Yemi is taking to; Photography.

He was spotted recently at a Nollywood function, clicking away at the lenses of his camera.

The veteran thespian later told the reporter, Emmanuel Omene-Johnson during an exclusive interview, “I am not a photographer but in love with photography. I love to snap situations and objects. I travel a lot. I always go around with my camera. I have been doing that for years.

My hubby in photography includes doing family kinds of stuff. I experiment with the family. I do others too. I like to take pictures when I am free. It has become a part of me.”

Yemi capped it up when he confessed, “Let’s not rule out the fact that I might soon come up with a photography studio. I might go professional anytime from now.”

So when next you see Yemi with a camera at your event, be ready to give him a pose.