WFM 91.7which is the first women radio station in Nigeria unveiled its top presenters to a posse of journalists on Wednesday, September,9, 2015.

WFM 91.7 is owned by Dr. Wale Okewale of St. Ives Hospital, and his sister, veteran broadcaster, Toun Okewale-Shonaiya. Test transmission of the station begins in October, while the full transmission will take off in November, and it will run for 24 hours.

According to Toun Okewale-Shonaiya, WFM 91.7 will address topical issues in the society ranging from news, politics, sports and entertainment, but always from the women’s point of view. She also emphasized that everybody can have a good time listening to the station, and it is not restricted to women alone.

E24-7  MAGAZINE’S EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, BIODUN KUPOLUYI, and NEWS EDITOR, TOFARATI IGE, were at the media unveiling, and in a chat with the four delectable presenters, Funmi Jinadu, Bolatito Bez-Idakula, Chinedu Nwaga, and Abisola Grace Aiyeola, they assured us that they’re all going to be bringing something beautiful, interesting and never-seen-before to the table.

We present to you the golden faces and voices of WFM 91.7…



Let’s get to meet you?

I am a very enthusiastic journalist. Since I’ve been little, it has always been my dream to be a reporter, and to be on radio and television. However, as time went on, I realized that I love radio more. I fell in love with radio after my first job, and I realised that I needed more education, so I travelled abroad to read Broadcast Journalism at the University of West England. There, I got more skills and was able to work on different projects and radio stations including BBC, and that gave me a lot of exposure. That further showed me that radio is indeed my passion.

How do you intend to add value to WFM91.7 considering that it’s the first of its kind?

I’m really excited about this, because obviously, like the statistics say, there is less concentration on women by the media in Africa, and Nigeria especially. So we are coming in to be that voice for women. We hope to share as much education, information and propaganda as we can as regards to women.

I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist, but a humanist. I believe everyone should be treated equally. What we see in Africa is that women aren’t treated the way men are, so they’re not on the same level. What we’re trying to do is to actually listen to women.

What should we be expecting from you?

I’m a fun, entertaining person, and I’m also the youngest of the team. So you’ll be hearing all the gist of what’s happening in town from me.



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Tell us about yourself?

I’ve never actually been on radio before, so this is a new experience for me. My prior experience is actually in Banking and Event Planning, but I’m a writer and I own a website, so I’ll be bringing that to WFM. I hope to get better with each passing day. I believe WFM is an avenue to talk about women and their issues.

What sparked your interest in radio?

It wasn’t so much radio, as in this particular station. It is the fact that it is being built around women and their families that got me interested; what they’re doing is unprecedented. I’ve always wanted to create an avenue for women to talk about what they go through, and to speak from the woman’s perspective; it’s no longer about men telling women what to think. With what WFM is doing, and what I’ve been doing; it’s just a perfect merger. I believe that women are strong, and they have a stronger impact on their families.

You’re married to a musician, Bez, how will that inform the way you approach issues that have to do with women on radio?

Who I’m married to is really irrelevant to the fact that I’m a woman. Every woman goes through the same issues like finance, career and sexuality irrespective of who their husbands are. I don’t believe that I’m different because of who my husband is, but my experience in marriage will definitely help me to discuss issues that have to do with marriage better.

What should we be expecting to hear from you when you eventually come on air?

I think it’s the connection. I speak with women every day, and I’m able to connect with them on a personal level. I’ll be sharing my personal stories, and I’ll let listeners know that whatever they’re going through, they’re not alone.

Do you believe in the saying that women are women’s worst enemies, and are you counting on the support of women for the station?

I don’t believe in that saying, because I’m pro-women. I and my other colleagues have already built a sisterhood kind of relationship, and I believe we’ll do incredible things together.



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Let’s get to meet you?

I’m a singer and an actress, and I felt radio is something I would love to try my hands on. One should never get tired of gathering more knowledge and experience.

Have you always been woman-centric?

I am a woman, and I hate women being bullied, shut-up, and shoved aside, so I am for women, and I am proud to be part of the WFM journey.

What uniqueness will you be bringing to the table?

You’ll definitely hear a lot of drama considering my background as an actress, but we’re all versatile, and I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet.



Tell us a bit about your professional background?

I have worked in public service, and in the private sector as well. Mostly, my designation has been in human interactions and enlightenment, and I do training for staff in terms of improving their soft skills.

Why do you think it’s important to talk from a woman’s perspective?

I am a woman, so I don’t know how else to be other than being woman-centric.

How do you think WFM will impact on the society?

You’ve heard when they say that if you educate a girl child, you educate a community, so if you empower women to handle the dissemination of information and entertainment, you’ll find out that they’re going to include everyone. Women are all-embracing and WFM is going to be all inclusive, regardless of the fact that it is a woman FM. There’s nothing a woman would do that would not take into consideration everybody in the society.

What should we expect from you on air?

I’m a very curious person, and I read a lot, so fundamentally, I’m going to be educating people, and giving them information. I’ll also be encouraging people to read because that’s my strongest forte, because I believe that knowledge is power. And it’s not just about women, anybody who has anything to write would be represented.





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