According to witnesses, McQueen started running toward his apartment, carrying his daughter, but he was shot in the back before he could get inside. The New York Post reports that McQueen was shot in the head. He was transported to Jacobi Hospital, but was pronounced dead. His young daughter sustained only a bump to her head and was covered in her father’s blood. She was released from the hospital the same day.

One witness reports hearing two gunshots after which everyone in the vicinity “froze,” before people took of running or ducked for cover. Other witnesses report that the gunman walked away laughing. Police are reporting that the gunman took off in a gray Mercedes with unknown New York plates and is still at large.

Witness Louis Mestre reports, “The guy who got shot had the baby in his hands. He was trying to run for cover because he was trying to protect the little girl. Once he got hit, he went down, and the child went down with him. They guy who did the shooting was running away and laughing. He seemed like an insane person.”

While McQueen was known to be a “very active gang member,” NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton states, “No matter how much of a criminal record the individual with the baby had, to assassinate that individual in the full view of a public playground right across the street crosses a line.” Records indicate that 60 of the 161 murders in New York City so far this year were gang related. In 2015, 283 of the 569 shooting incidents were gang related.