This is something I’ve tried to avoid writing about. It’s something that bothers me a great deal but I’ve over looked it maybe because deep down I was afraid to be judged or seen differently. Today I say how I feel about homosexuality. Whoever wants to judge should, I just hope you judge right.


Gay people are human. Gay people have feelings too. Gay people should not be judged. I don’t support the act but it doesn’t mean I’ll hate on a gay person just because he sins differently. Who gave you the right to decide a certain set of people deserve to live and some don’t?


Just because a person is gay doesn’t make them inhuman. What makes you think a gay person can’t change the world and it’s negativity? You meet a person and you see good in them and a strong positive difference you feel when you’re around them. Then one day you find out that this person is gay and then you can’t see beyond that anymore, you suddenly forget the positivity the person brings into the world and you start to curse them maybe not out loud but you do.




Why hate someone for something you can’t understand? The bible is against it, Christianity is against it, I am a Christian meaning that I am against it but it doesn’t mean I will hate them. I despise the act but not the people. I’ve talked to quite a few gay people and if you sit down to try and see the way they see the world most of the time it’s beautiful. It’s different and liberating.


We’re All sinners one way or another. A lot of people find it easy to talk about a guy and a girl who have sex but when it comes to gay people they become so consumed with hate and disgust they forget the humanity of the person beyond the title. How is that living?