Aurelle is a French/ Ivorian actress. She is also a model, and TV presenter. Thrice she has visited Nigeria, not for fun, love but work. Her performance on stage as the co-anchor at the African music awards left a huge imagination of what potentials are deposited inside her.  That performance caught the eyes of Nigeria’s acclaimed movie director, Kunle Afolayan, who starred her alongside Haitian actor, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Nigerian thespian, Wale Ojo. Aurelle, though speaks a smattering English, her response to questions  were apt and swift. -she holds a strong view against women who cheats and wonder why they do. Aurelie has a strong opinion of Nigerian men, especially singles.

How would you describe your experience on the set of the CEO?

Oh my god! How can I put it? It was a very great experience for me. This is one of the best experiences for me, on set. Everybody was very kind  and professional. I was very impressed of Kunle because of his work as the director. He is a director that wants the details  done. When he wants something he says it and we try to do the best. It is to make him happy, interprete his vision. It was my first time in Nigeria. I discovered a little bit about the city. We went out to beautiful resorts. So we try to enjoy the work and fun also. I hope The CEO that is my first opportunity will not be the last.

How would you have felt in real life the moment Dr. Zimmerman disclosed your romance with Mr. Alabi?

Eloise is a very emotional character because she went through a lot of difficulty in her family, her husband he is sick, she has to go to work. She has been through a lot of problems. She is very emotional. That is the reason the character is intense. When Dr.Zimmerman   asked me the question, about cheating on my husband. It was very hard  to explain. At that point she was also scared because the fact when you lose the musical chair, you would die. This is why she says ‘I don’t want to die’. But at the end, everybody knows what happened. I mean to those who watch the premiere. It was the most difficult character I had to play all my acting life and this is because I had to cry, to express the intensity of the emotion. This is because she has been through a lot of problems so I have to cry, scream. When people watch the film I think the first impression they would have is that she is not a good girl. That she is cheating on her husband. But they will later understand  what she has gone through.

Does that scene depict an average woman cheats to become a chief executive?

No. I don’t think so. I think Kunle has a specific idea of what Elois has to be. I don’t think it happens every day. Ok, I think it happens in the life of some people. But I don’t want people to think it happens every day of the lives of female CEOs, no. It might happen even if she is a doctor or driver. Some people cheat. Not all the people. But in this movie, maybe Kunle wanted to put some spice.

That was really one of the highpoints in that movie. Would you really want to live with that tag that you cheated in that movie?

I know this question will come. But when I chose the role it was because of the goal, the outcome. I chose this role not because I want to be in this movie but because there is this  notion that the people would not understand. It is the fact that when you cheat you go through the consequences of cheating. Cheating has grievous consequences. Even in this movie I have to quit on my own and, it is because of the consequences of cheating, which is that my husband dies. It is not all the women who cheat on their husbands to become or are CEOs.

Have you ever cheated?

Of course, not.

Have you ever been cheated?

Yes. I have been cheated. To be honest I have been cheated. It was very hard for me to live with it that but I think that is life. In life, we move on and try to forget and forgive. This is because the most important is to forgive.  There is healing in forgiveness. Nobody is perfect.

In Elois’ case, her reason for cheating wasn’t fair enough.

I don’t really know what I can say about that. She has been through a lot of troubles in her life, you know. She didn’t want Kola to come in to her room but she did that to have a talk with a coleague. She was very distressed and she should not be said to have wanted that. She didn’t know why she did that.

What in your opinion do you think makes women to cheat?

It’s a very hard question. I am not a cheater so I can’t really tell you what makes women cheat.

How is your relationship now?

My relationship? I don’t want to talk about that either.

But sure it is great?

Yes it is great. Thanks to God.

You have been to Nigeria on three occasions?

It’s my third time.

What do you think about Nigerian men?

They love partying a lot. But this is what I like in them a lot. Yet they love working too. They are very kind, nice and cool.

Has any Nigerian man made advances to you?

Not yet.

Would you have wished? Or you think they are not bold enough?

Each time I come to Lagos it’s for work. I have not had the time to frolick. All the people I met are during my working experience. So I haven’t had the time to let someone try to discuss about it with me.

Have you ever thought they would not ask you out?

I don’t know because I have not given the opportunity to someone to ask for me. So I can’t tell you now what would be my decision or my mind at this moment. If someone comes I don’t know.