$ex is a beautiful activity which brings about a pleasurable experience asides its basic duty of procreation. As a result of this, humans seem to be very much preoccupied with how we conduct our $exual activities. Ranging from how much time should be spent engaging in $exual activities, what kind of performance should be put up to the quantity of $ex that is considered normal, $ex is something that would continually be discussed till the end of time. The fact is that the amount of $ex one should be having is one subject that has varying opinions as it is difficult to determine if one is having too much or too little $ex. There is however no baseline with which one can compare whether you’re getting too little or overindulging yourself.

How Much Is Ideal?

Research studies conducted by the Kinsey Institute found out that people that fell within the age range of 18 to 29 were likely to have $ex about 112 times per year. This was found to be significantly higher than people that fell within the age range of 30 to 39 years who had $ex for approximately 86 times every year. The study also found out that when couples just just get acquainted, they tend to be totally infatuated with each other and this results in being $exually intimate anytime they have privacy. As time goes on however, couples tend to fall into a routine of having $ex once or twice weekly which helps to formulate a healthy relationship.

How Much Is Too Much?

It is quite hard to know if you’re having too much or too little $ex simply because every couple is different. If you however find out that you and your partner place a lot of premium on having $ex to the detriment of other things in the relationship such as undergoing outside activities and communicating about other things, there may be a problem. Relationships that are healthy are usually made up of intimacy, friendship and a lot of common interests. When things such as $ex and physical attraction overshadow essential components of a relationship, it may indicate potential problems down the road especially if only one person in the relationship wants more $ex than the other.

Quality May Just Be Better Than Quantity

Having $ex all the time may seem romantic and achievable, but it may bring a serious chill on your relationship especially if you consider the time and effort it would require you to invest in it. More so, when $ex is on the cards everyday, there is little to imagine or look forward to as the $exual game would have lost the thrill and urgency that comes with chasing. It is better you make the $exual thrill mutual for the both of you while remembering not to take it as a chore that must be done. Quality $ex spread along the days would help to guarantee maximum thrill and enjoyment.

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