University of Lagos’s undergraduate in Theater Arts, Uche Ubunse who was on the cast of blockbusting Nollywood movie, The Wedding Party has ascribed her role in the popular flick to the hands of fate.

The Anambra State-born fast rising actress told correspondent, Emmanuel Omene-Johnson during a WhatsApp chat that she got the privilege to be part of the cast while on a casual visit to the location of the movie shoot to see a friend.

She said, “My acting in that movie was by the grace of God. I only went there to see a friend on that particular day when the production team saw me and gave me the role. I was not prepared for that. I never would have imagined acting in the film. In short, when the offer came, I was really happy and grateful to God.”

Uche whose full names are Obunse Uchechukwu Favour also used the media tête-à-tête to debunk reports that she may be dumping her educational pursuit to go full swing into film making.


“No! No!!” she quipped, “I’m not really pursuing my acting Career now. Don’t mind what people are saying. Moving making can only come after I must have completed my university education. But meanwhile, I would gladly accept opportunities to be part of a movie if that comes. But leaving schooling for filming is out of the question for now.”

However, while brushing aside the idea that female movie practitioners are stigmatized as wayward, she advocates’ proper training for actors if they must do well in the act of film making.


According to her, “There are a lot of people who didn’t study Theatre Arts and are doing well in the field. Despite that, there is always the difference between trained and untrained actors. It’s mostly perceived in the area of professional self-discipline.

“As Mummy Joke Silvia would always say, actors need to get trained and not just wake up and act. Let those interested in acting and even those who are already involved in it, get whatever professional training they can lay their hands on. That would help them more than not pepping up their vocation with requisite skills and training.

Nothing short of that informs my reason to get involved in more projects, touch the lives of people with my acting and also to go for more education in film making at the New York Film Academy, at the expiration of my undergraduate studies.”

The first of six children, Uche would have jettisoned her desire to be in the entertainment industry had she succumbed to her parents’ wishes that she kills the dream of acting in her.

“My parents never wanted me to act or dance.  They can’t even dance or act. I’m just the one unique child in the family that loves entertainment. They were not initially supportive of my wish to take to acting. The reason was because they knew I was good in sciences and so, wanted me to go for a science-based course. But this has changed since my part in The Wedding Party, “she said.