Barrister-at-law and entertainment entrepreneur, Chijioke Mbaeyi aka Baron Chymoni, finally launched his record label, MMMY Music on Sunday 31st July, 2016, at the prestigious Four Point Sheraton Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The night also witnessed the unveiling of the record label’s first set of artistes, Raybayqer (MMMY Queen)’, Baddaman Derrek (D) and Kellyfresh. Each of the artistes has two singles as well as their group single and visual. They all gave guests a taste of what is about to hit music fans all over the world, with scintillating stage performances.
The first “MMMY Music” artist to grace the stage was Baddaman D who performed his singles ‘Notice Me’ and “Police” after which Raybayqer (MMMY Queen)’ stole the show with her strong vocals and energy as she performed her songs including ‘Kigbe’ and ‘Waiting’; and finally Kellyfresh’ thrilled guest with his energy as he performed his singles Anu-Ntanta and Choppet,
Nedu, Chigurl and Ebiye were the rib-cracking merchants for the show.
It was also a night where one off the host, USA born makeup artist, Tiffany Aren, solicited guests to christen her and she was subsequently named Chidinma among other names.

MMMY 4444


Ebuka Echendu, Byno, Isaac Geralds, Noble Igwe and Osagie Alonge among others, were present at the event.
The Chairman and Father of the Day was Nigeria’s civil war veteran and Acting Military Governor in the then South Eastern State (Now Cross Rivers and Akwa Ibom states) and Rivers State (now Rivers and Bayelsa states) in 1974, Prince Dr. (Gen.) Olu Bajowa Rtd.
The General, in his speech, said that he was highly honoured to have been invited to officiate as the Guest of Honour.
He admonished the management of MMMY Music to be cautious of pitfalls inherent in music business.
He cautioned, “My advice is that you cultivate a good and professional relationship with the team of people such as lawyers, business managers, publicists, sponsors, photographers, social media and others, whom you have to work with, to succeed in the industry.”
Baron Chymoni in an exclusive interview with E24-7 Magazine said, “MMMY Music goes beyond your typical label as it works closely with a major US/UK based record label.
“There is also in the making, dedicated singles by the Artists that are to be released on 29 August as a remembrance of the day when the Statute of the Nelson ‘Tata’ Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela was unveiled in the City of London alongside the statues of other important figures associated with the fight for freedom.
We plan to churn out fresh and unique materials that will leave listeners in awe. The Music Videos of the Artistes’ respective singles as well as their group video will be released on 6 August 2016.”
He added, “It’s in our power to empower more youths. In view of that, by this time next year, we would be unveiling another set of artistes. That would not be easy but we know that with the bunch of people around us, it shall be okay.”