The runner-up of the just concluded election into the office of the President of the Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria (AMP), Lillian Amah Aluko has advised the Nigerian political class to follow her footsteps in respect of losing and wining of elections. The former two-time Vice President of AMP got philosophical as she spoke exclusively to Nollywood Insider at the inauguration ceremony of the body’s new executives.
The actress and film producer took time to explain her refusal to fight over the outcome of the past AMP election, “Accepting our fate at elections, whether it is good or bad, is what every right thinking Nigerian should imbibe. After such exercises life goes on. That is a reason it should not be a do-or-die affair. For there would always be a tomorrow for another chance. Then you may be the winner. If you cannot congratulate somebody as losers today how do you expect people to salute you as a winner tomorrow. “
In relating her action to that of most of Nigeria’s politicians Lillian was of the opinion that, “Going to the court of law for whatever reason may is not the best. That is what most people expect me to do. It is an election of this association. This time in history we should be building and not fighting. So, running to the court is going to bring rancor, hatred and animosity. That is not we need at this time. It is the reason I am calling on those contesting elections in the future, anywhere and anytime, to dust their bum and let life continue. They should move on and start to plan to participate vigorously in the next election. For if the winners perform well we would all be the victor. Then our association or country would be the better for it.”