This is the state of Aradagun\Iworo Ajido road in Badagry.

A particular resident, Muyiwa Akiboye in his mail to’s I-REPORT decried the poor state of roads in Badagry area of Lagos State.
He lamented that the major roads that lead to their different communities in Badagry have gone from bad to worse. The bad roads, he wrote, have affected the social and economic life of the people.
According to him, residents complained bitterly of the discomfort they experience daily and whenever it rains, life he said becomes unberable. During rains, the roads hinder movements and all economic activities come to a stall.
Akinboye hinted that the road was awarded to a construction company, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), but has since been abandoned due to reasons unknown to him.
“It has been said to be awarded to a construction company, CCECC, as shown in the pictures below. But had since been an abandoned project. It has been the abode of armed robbers and all sorts of social and criminal vices around there”.
However, Akinboye has appealed to the Lagos State government to come to the rescue of Lagosians living in that axis of Badagry, as the present state of the road poses great danger to their lives.

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