Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson introduced his new movie ‘OUT OF LUCK’ to fans admonishing them to give their honest comment on the movie. writer FRANK SUNDAY

Below are some of the ‘honest comment’ to his ‘OUT OF LUCK’ movie.

adeniyijohnsonThe sun is shinning on me..meaning the glory of God radiates upon my life.. may it reflect on u too….Pls kindly go see the movie OUT OF LUCK… Its in the cinema near u, I need ur honest comment on the movie…. #Godownsmyife#Godblessourhustle #GODOVERALL @adeniyijohnsonofficialfanpage…. #Alfa

lazenithbeautyplace@adeniyijohnson enyin okunrin sha, i wonder why u cannot be faithful to your wife. I dunno what Toyin sees in you in the first place. I am so disappointed in you. I never get to know about you until you both became husband and wife. And now, your action selfish action broke the union. Smh