Popular OAP, Freeze, is not happy with singer-turned-writer, Etcetera, and he is not shy about the cause of his grievances, writes TOFARATI IGE.

The fair-skinned radio presenter is annoyed that Etcetera keeps taking swipes at celebrities and On Air Personalities, which he believes is borne out of frustration.

It should be recalled that Etcetera once wrote an article in his Punch Newspaper Column titled, “Nigerian OAPs have killed Radio.”

Anyway, E24-7 MAGAZINE ran into Freeze on the Island, and he spoke his mind, even ‘magnanimously’ parting with some words of advice for Etcetera.

When we sought to know the cause of his ‘beef’ with EtceteraFreeze said, “Etcetera is someone who at a point in his life, was begging us (OAPs) to help him. When music didn’t work out for him, he took to writing and he started to slander us. I think that is wrong.  I’m not saying he should not make his money or impact through whatever means he chooses, but he shouldn’t pull people down to raise himself up. I think it’s a very cheap way of gaining publicity,” he said.

On whether he thinks Etcetera is just angry at OAPs because they didn’t give his music enough airplay, Freeze said, “I didn’t succeed as a commercial musician, but that did not make me hate the presenters who did not play my songs. You’re one of the few people who know that I started out as a commercial musician. I attained my commercial success through other means. At the end of the day, I think when you’re bitter, it just spills out one way or the other. It’s not like Etcetera is not a good musician, but he doesn’t understand the market he’s dealing with. It’s like trying to sell Amala at Buckingham Palace. You’re going to have a hard time doing that; it’s going to be easier selling it at the Alafin of Oyo’s palace. Music also contains the element of luck. Five musicians may sing the same kind of songs, and only one of them would attain a level of success,” he stated.

Explaining further, Freeze said, “Etcetera has to understand the dynamics of music. I know he was frustrated because to promote songs cost a lot of money these days because radio stations would charge, as well as some presenters too. It was frustrating for me too when I was a musician, but there are people who through that frustration have broken through. I’m glad that he’s a writer but he should stop taking swipes at celebrities, and more importantly, he should work on his creative writing skills. I think with a bit more creativity, his writing style would be upgraded.

Known to be a wrist-watch ‘freak’ as he sometimes flaunts them on social media, we wanted to know the OAPs most expensive watch, but he declined to answer. He said, “I did that before and I got into a lot of trouble, though sometimes, I’m like, ‘It’s my wall and I can put whatever I want to post,’” he said.

Also hinting that he doesn’t only buy watches but invests in landed properties as well, he said, “I invest a lot in watches, just as I do on properties as well. I work hard for my money and it’s my prerogative to buy whatever I want, he quipped.

On whether criticism of the public has made him cautious of the things he posts on social media, Freeze said, “I think every celeb has the right to post whatever he or she wants on their social media pages. If an unknown person puts a $20m watch on Instagram, no one would talk, but if it’s a celeb, they’ll raise hell. It’s not about what is posted, it is about who is posting it. I had a whole collection   of watches that I wanted to upload on social media for every single day of the week, but after uploading just three and I got that much hate, I decided to retreat into my shell. They have not allowed me to express myself as genuinely as I would have wanted to,” he concluded.