What is change to a common man? What is change to a man who thinks he has it all? What is change to a man who has never known change? And what is change to a man who all he has ever known is change? I’ll tell you. Change to a common man is something that isn’t common to him. change to a man who thinks he has it all is something he won’t really be open to because he’s used to being in control, so if he doesn’t create the change then he doesn’t want it. Change to a man who has never known change is something scary and risky and he might not want. change to a man who all he has ever known is change is something extra to add to his list of the things that have happened in his life, so to him change is a high and a thrill and change is what keeps him going because change is the only thing that is constant so he wants to see what tomorrow brings.
Change can become addictive and it can also become something to fear. I hear people say they want change and all but they’re not ready to become the change they want. Change starts from the mind. Change is a drive that slowly develops into a passion and we know passion is a strong emotion, which means, change is not only a vision or an attitude but an emotion. This emotion is not something that should be buried but something that should make us stand out, think differently, love differently. I don’t think a lot of people are ready for change I just think they’re in lust with the idea of it so when the change actually comes they either can’t stand it or they grow to hate it and fight against the change they actually wanted to happen. So before you demand that our government bring change to this great nation you should ask yourself ‘’am I ready to be the change I want’’ and if you can answer that truthfully then you’ll know. Till next time. Stay safe.